Blade less Turbine Fan

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Blade less Turbine Fan



Blade less Turbine Fan
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Does your fan still use spinning blades to move the air? How quaint. It’s time to update that antique to a model more befitting the 21st century. The cool new Dyson Air Multiplier is the world’s first bladeless fan. Yes, the iconic vacuum company has gone from suck to blow!
The Dyson Air Multiplier is able to generate a smooth, uninterrupted stream of air without any blades and with 15X more air velocity than traditional fans. Like a jet engine, a small turbine inside the base of the fan draws in air and propels it up to the upper loop. The air is then expelled through a 1mm slot along the circumference of the loop amplifier and across a 16° airfoil-shaped ramp. This innovative process then draws additional air in from behind and along the sides into a single, powerful stream of air with no unpleasant buffeting. It’s safe, easy to clean and features fully variable speed settings, 90 ° oscillation and touch tilt pivoting. It’s not only a futuristic solution on hot summer days, it’s also one of the coolest looking fans I’ve ever seen. Just thinking… Wouldn’t this fan also be a great way to launch paper airplanes?


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